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Top: Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen (in charcoal color)

Bottom: Lamy Safari White fountain pen (special summer edition 2007) with Medium nib


I am a big fan of Lamy pen, and i like the small ink cartridge window of the Lamy Safari White fountain pen, which let you see the ink useage. It is always nice to write and draw by lamy, lamy pens run smooth on almost all kind of paper!


Ciak sketch book with lamy safari white fountain pen, and i really like the leather cover of ciak sketch book and the elastic band can easily act like a pen clipper, but i think the quality of moleskine sketch book is better than ciak.

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When I were a child, my first fountain pen is Hero fountain pen which were available in most stationery shops. However, it’s difficult to find now and not many people use it coz there are many good pens from Japan and other countries.

Today, I found the Hero pen and ink in Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited, so I bought a dozen of the pen and 3 bottles of ink for collection!

Hero Pen and Ink are made in China.






boy sketch



I sketch it on normal A4 paper by sakura aqualip black gel pen first, then scan it to the computer and use photoshop to retouch it.

The sakura aqualip gel pen is a special pen that it would left a glazing effect on the line you drew and dry very fast.

However, i found it is sticky to paper after dry, so it is suggested to use a transparent plastic paper to cover on it for storage.


希望透過 inkbread (墨包) 這個地方與大家分享各種筆/墨水/紙/工具,我也會在網上搜集一些有用有趣的資料與大家分享。

I collect different kinds of pen and ink since i were a child, and i like to use different pens to write or draw on different papers in order to find the best experience of it.

I hope to share my experiments / experience of trying different pens / ink / papers, and the useful and interesting information about ink and pen with you here.